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Sleeping in a fine museum

Derby Hotels Collection in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and London all have original pieces of art on display, even in the bedrooms. Their aim is for the guests to experience art, culture and luxury whilst staying with them. As hotel competition heats up in major cities, is art the secret to enchant the customer in?

The story of how the elephants came marching in

This week EP created and hosted a unique charity dinner to raise funds for the Tofauti Foundation – a special charity focused on elephant conservation in Kenya. As part of the evening, which included an Indian Kenyan themed menu, EP collaborated with a number of talented artists to create unique pieces of art which could be displayed and raffled on the night. This is the story of how these special elephants came about.

Recent hotel deals and news – The Hotel Property Team

Limak are investing US$600 in tourism projects following their journey from construction to managing airports, we ask if the new Travelodge Plus format is a bit too risky and look at how some hotels are now offering full-service hospitals to appeal to certain markets. Explore these stories and more below.

Recent hotel deals and news – The Hotel Property Team

Minor International (MINT) have come a long way since 17-year-old William E. Heinecke founded the company in 1967, to this year when they buy 25% stake in NH Hotels (and others!). We explore the hotel construction pipeline across Europe, ask if the UK will ever see a strike like the one in Vegas and ponder who drives the trends in neighbours. Explore this and more below.