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EP…Championing the Best of Industry.

It is often said that EP is involved in so many initiatives that it can be hard to really understand the core focus, which is a fair comment. This is because we are so often approached to support or partner on key campaigns as it is well known that we will champion good campaigns, key debates and discussion that are focused on progressive...

The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

The UKCC have a culinary team that wants to compete against the best in the World.

Many readers will know that we have been supporting the cause of the UKCC team which wants to compete at the 2020 Culinary Olympics in late February – but it does need financial support from Industry. They ask – can we help?

With Eyes Turning Towards 2020

We certainly wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year. EP’s own plans for 2020 have already begun and we thought we would share some of this to see if there are pieces that you would like to learn more about and be involved in. Our aim is always to bring people together, to share ideas & knowledge.

Could improved Hydration sit at the heart of improved Productivity, Mental Health, Wellbeing and even saving the planet?

It is fair to say that there is much concern and conversation taking place around many business boardroom tables to do with the impact of good hydration on talent, retention, productivity and mental health.  Research has shown that there is a need for business to embrace new thinking, better solutions and open a new dialogue if positive change is to be achieved.

Hospitality mentality and skill sets are invaluable to both the individual and to business. So can it be championed more?

It is strange how the importance of hospitality skill sets are so often under-rated by industry and yet often far more admired by City business than many realise. There is a reason why some of the leading hotel schools are talent magnets for banks, financial services and other professional services – knowing how to engage, communicate and treat others is a skill that...