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The trouble with Millennial’s…

Attracting and retaining talent in the hospitality industry has long been one of our biggest challenges.

By Vicky La Trobe, Director, Fourpoints Management

With the exception of programmes like Master Chef, our industry’s equivalent of...

The lack of imagination

Over the past eight months we have been running a series of features on thoughts as to why there are differences between the go-getter nature of the baby boomers and the emerging talent of the new generation. We have written about the change in the approach within schools, how debt has changed their psychology and an increased fear failure.

What makes an industry great?

There are a number of consistent themes to debate developing across all communities. Certainly one of the most central is weariness of austerity but, although this has been made into a central theme, it has to be questioned whether it is about austerity – as most understand the issues – but rather a desire to see large companies less focused on...

Honey, have we lost the kids?

Sonia Tatar, CEO Worldwide of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management explains how a changing hospitality landscape is giving way to a new breed of entrepreneurs and how educators should best prepare them for success