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The trouble with Millennial’s…

Attracting and retaining talent in the hospitality industry has long been one of our biggest challenges.

By Vicky La Trobe, Director, Fourpoints Management

With the exception of programmes like Master Chef, our industry’s equivalent of...

Music passion, restaurant fashion

Michael Gottlieb is a renowned restaurateur who would have been a music man had he not had a natural flair for hospitality. Despite achievements he does not class himself as having an abundance of passion for restaurants, he simply enjoys them, and the hunger that drives him is towards business success.

EP Alphabet – Where will your ‘D’​ lead you in 2019

As with all letters, they make up the beginning middle and end of every word, every sound and everything in between. Every letter therefore being as important as the next, some used more often, some very little but all hang together to form something written, spoken or listened to.

Food Service has an opportunity but needs to find a stronger voice

…For it does have a very good a strong case to make, not to its own industry but to those they serve – companies, universities, schools, stadia, heirtage sites and hospitals. Great food service can make a real difference. Every large venue – business or customer facing needs to possess a strong F&B offering.