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It’s not just about multi-sensory retreats

There is a growing need for people, of all ages, to feed their mind and creativity. Modern life has become so quick and frantic that many suffer from narrow thinking and operate in a silo culture. Some argue that these people need to go on retreats to far away lands and feel free once again. It’s a nice idea but for the majority, not quite attainable, so what’s the solution?

Somewhere along the road, the young lost trust

John McEnroe famously noted that the difference between the world’s top 20 players was less than 1% skill but 10% in the mind. McEnroe understood that to win, to be a champion, was as much about being mentally strong as any other factor. He also noted:

“The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. Let me tell you, life is not fun when you’re banging your head against a brick wall all the time.”