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Could improved Hydration sit at the heart of improved Productivity, Mental Health, Wellbeing and even saving the planet?

It is fair to say that there is much concern and conversation taking place around many business boardroom tables to do with the impact of good hydration on talent, retention, productivity and mental health.  Research has shown that there is a need for business to embrace new thinking, better solutions and open a new dialogue if positive change is to be achieved.

You may be asking “what can I do differently in the NY?”, “how can I make a difference?”……. there are answers. It needs new thinking

When it comes to careers and people, there are three common growing themes that do need proper consideration:

·        Many feel under pressure financially and disengaged professionally

·        Many want to contribute more to social causes and to the community – and want to do this via their companies.

·        The majority are dissatisfied with their jobs...

Hospitality mentality and skill sets are invaluable to both the individual and to business. So can it be championed more?

It is strange how the importance of hospitality skill sets are so often under-rated by industry and yet often far more admired by City business than many realise. There is a reason why some of the leading hotel schools are talent magnets for banks, financial services and other professional services – knowing how to engage, communicate and treat others is a skill that...

The trouble with Millennial’s…

Attracting and retaining talent in the hospitality industry has long been one of our biggest challenges.

By Vicky La Trobe, Director, Fourpoints Management

With the exception of programmes like Master Chef, our industry’s equivalent of...

The Net That Works

On Wednesday evening we held another Emerging Leaders Network event which was kindly hosted by the beautiful Georgian House Hotel in Pimlico.

The evening brought together a mix of business professionals, entrepreneurs, current and former professional athletes.

Adam Rowledge the General Manager of the hotel and winner of many awards within the hospitality world such as Independent...