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There goes the fear

Painting a portrait of the hospitality industry at the moment is proving to be quite difficult. At one end there are the current business leaders who have a certain way of going about their work and it has been successful. At the other end is an emerging group of talent who approach business in a different way. Those in the middle and caught between these two stools and overall there is friction and confusion.

Are more psychopaths becoming business leaders?

It is a strange thought but there is quite a bit of research emerging suggesting that the psychology of leaders is not just changing but displaying some concerning traits. Before we analyse the lead question, it is worth noting that one of the underlying debates of business change is that culture and people are becoming increasingly secondary to business process and financial results; that there was a greater sense of fun, care and friendship among colleagues in the past than that which exists today.

When the snow falls

Weather plays an important role in the appeal of a location. But when the snow on the ski slope doesn’t arrive in time, what impact does this play on the region?