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The artist who is turning plastic waste into art

Holly V Maslen, an artist based on the Isle of Wight, has spent countless days trailing her local beaches looking for plastic waste. It may sound like an unusual habit but every hour has been worth it, because with this washed up waste, Holly creates unique pieces of art to inspire and emphasise the human impact on this precious world.

It’s not just about multi-sensory retreats

There is a growing need for people, of all ages, to feed their mind and creativity. Modern life has become so quick and frantic that many suffer from narrow thinking and operate in a silo culture. Some argue that these people need to go on retreats to far away lands and feel free once again. It’s a nice idea but for the majority, not quite attainable, so what’s the solution?

The narrative and memorable experience of ART

ART tells a story and appeals to the senses

Art should inspire an emotional response. It is personal and subjective but it should make us feel something. In hospitality it adds to the growing need for deeper experiences. Combined with fine food and beverages and quality service, it is powerful.

A positive attack on the senses

It’s all about the experience

Exploring the senses

Hospitality has the power to not only bring communities together but to be the centre of them. As the world changes at speed we crave places to go and relax and reward ourselves in. The fascinating development is that the bar has been raised on the quality of food and beverage.