Supporting Entrepreneurs

EP introduces many entrepreneurs to leading players across the sector. This ranges from pitching panels with invited entrepreneurs to networking events where all are encouraged to be open to ideas.

For many businesses it is difficult to innovate from within either because of the lack of time, process, opportunity or simply because many businesses are consumed with doing what they do best, running their businesses. It can take courage to find the latest ideas and thinking and to source entrepreneurs who are leading the generation of innovation. There are some excellent young businesses evolving and there is also no doubt that innovation is becoming increasingly important to have access to. This is where EP can be of support.

From Entrepreneurs Pitch and Gala Dinners celebrating innovation, EP has long supported entrepreneurs and are proud to currently have over 130 exciting businesses within our entrepreneurs community.

Campaign The future of the industry is being shaped by those taking on the new ideas, not those reacting to what is being thrust upon them.

A survey by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has shown that UK firms are concerned about lagging behind the global business community following the Brexit vote. The survey of 800 businesses found that 70% plan to increase or maintain their spending levels on innovation following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. It is true that new solutions can increase productivity, the customer experience and allow for more effective competition in the market. Whether customer service or product development, innovating may drive growth and gain those vital edges over the competition.

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