Sprung Collective has enjoyed a good first year as it works on new solutions for a new landscape.

The pandemic has served to make F&B strategies 25 % broader, deeper and needing more in planning.

Earlier this year, EP was delighted to join forces with James Greetham to help found a new food service consultancy “Sprung Collective”. As the new company begins to plan ahead, it has enjoyed a very encouraging first year and will be seeing new talents join its ranks as it progresses forward. (These will be announced in due course). However, the real momentum for Sprung’s development has been the desire of many companies to look at how they can evolve their services and create a new growth mind-set in new markets.

The pandemic has thrown out the rule book. Maybe for the first time, many companies are looking at how entering new markets to see how they can add value whilst at the same time, many others are wanting to create new approaches to maximise customer engagement and increase sales.

Operators and venues are asking the question – how do we improve our services and our engagement? What is our service proposition and is this market-effective? Do we possess the best service offer for the market?

Everyone is aware of the challenges to be faced over the next 3-4 months. However, people are also aware that the consumer wants to experience excellence in food & beverage. They don’t just want more of the same but are seeking new experiences and concepts; so they are asking what has changed?

This is across all markets, from hotels to venues to B&I to events. What has changed as the industry rebuilds?

The answer to this question is opening up many new horizons for companies and venues to consider. At the same time, most are aware that the consumer too has changed but there is still a lack of real clarity as to the new habits emerging.

What is known is that there are a number of key themes which are right at the fore and this includes:

· New F&B concepts and excellence

· Great service levels which are personalised

· Strong digital solutions

· A commitment to sustainability

· The importance and value of innovation

· A strong interaction with the local community – whether suppliers, entrepreneurs or talent sources

The pandemic has served to make a F&B strategy 25 % broader, deeper and needing more in planning. Add in all the challenges being presented by the market and it is creating genuine headaches for operators across all markets. No one has all the answers but there are great examples all across the country of excellent operators finding new roads forward and creating new revenue flows.

If one goes back to the start of the pandemic, it was almost felt that the industry had fallen over a cliff but it has fought hard and found new solutions. 2022 will be for those who seek to grow through great service offers.

James Greetham,
Managing Director & Founder
Sprung Collective