Sprung Collective: a strong beginning as many clients seek to find new solutions and work in stronger partnerships

Sprung Collective, a new food service consultancy led by James Greetham, was founded earlier this year and already has recorded a strong start to its life with projects across a range of fields including with major cultural sites, in digital solutions, in B&I, and with new food service solutions.

There are clear themes and messages emerging which indicate an industry ready to change but maybe nervous in how that change may be generated. Key themes emerging include:

· A desire for many companies to work closely with local entrepreneurs and to be supportive of local communities

· Sustainability has become a market-leading force for change

· Digital innovation is seen to central to the future

· Greater partnerships, openness and transparency; real collaborations which work towards common agendas

· A desire to see new narratives which do break from the past

· Service and design are seen to be central in how audiences and employees can be tempted back into city centres. What new services can be created? How can new levels in quality be found?

· An importance in engaging younger audiences far better. They are the future and their development starts now.

It will not be an easy road forward. All are aware of that but there is an exciting momentum for change emerging which may well see greater change take place over the next 5 years than has been seen in the last twenty years. Company leaders are now taking an active interest in support services and in food service. They understand its creates destinations where people want to be. Whether an office or a venue, this becomes central to the life of that organisation.

However, people do not want change for change’s sake. They want to see change that is meaningful, thought through and will enhance their organisation’s performance.

The market faces a difficult balancing act; it needs to evolve and change and yet there is little scope for setbacks or failure. Everyone has suffered commercially and now is the time to rebuild the pillars on which organisations stand with food service seemingly right in the centre.

James Greetham,
Managing Director & Founder
Sprung Collective