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The Emerging Leaders Club

Bringing the world of business and sport together





The Emerging Leaders Club (ELC) is the home for personal and business development, sharing knowledge and experiences and networking in sociable environments.

This platform will help people improve their skills and develop greater knowledge. Increasing productivity, determination and resilience, the club is for all emerging talent.

Introducing The Athletes

Marilyn Okoro

Olympic and World Championship Bronze, European Bronze and three time European Silver Medalist.

“Human Beings always flourish when they feel valued and part of a something. So many of the lessons I’ve learnt on my athletics journey thus far are easily transferable to the corporate environment.”

The ELC opens up unique opportunities to learn and be inspired by some of the world’s best athletes.

EP team member and Olympian Kate Haywood recently featured in FEAST Magazine and shared her own sporting experiences to look at the various ways that sports professionals can take on varied business roles and use their sporting skills to create change for the better FEAST Magazine is one of the UK’s leading trade publications and the  latest and greatest industry developments. Read the full article here.

EP – Bringing Sport and Business Together

Emerging Leadership Club Membership is £38.50 (ex VAT) per person per month or annual membership is available.

To find out more about the ELC and sign up for both individuals and teams please contact:

Kate Haywood

Lauran Bush
0207 933 8763

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