Some people's stories can change your life

The Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner is bringing together entrepreneurs and businesses in the hospitality sector and beyond. It celebrates original ideas and includes several key speakers during the evening.

One of the formidable speakers on the night is a former British soldier who lost his legs during the war in Iraq. He will share his insights on how to responded to critical life changes and will talk about his experiences in Iraq. As well as the struggles he had to face when his lost his legs and how he managed to rebuild his life and business.

The speakers during the night will offer inspirational insights and perspective to entrepreneurs on the challenges that they face everyday and how important it is to develop a strong character when launching a business.



The core objective of the Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner is to meet some exceptional talent and to shed light on new ideas that are often thought provoking and inspirational.
It will be a sensational evening. 

Would you like to attend?

£95 per person (plus VAT).
To book the last few spaces, please contact

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