Social enterprise calls on UK hospitality sector to pioneer the path towards plastic reduction

For many years now, plastic has been a leading issue and the hospitality and food industries have the ability to reduce both the amount of plastic production and the subsequent environmental issues caused by this plastic.

International social enterprise, Common Seas, has called on UK hospitality businesses to become global leaders in plastic emissions reporting.

More than 40% of UK hospitality leaders want to see more collaboration across the industry to meet the challenges of going Net Zero. With this dedication, the UK hospitality industry is perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of pursuing effective plastic reporting.

Common Seas is inviting trailblazing hospitality leaders this month to meet to explore the first-hand challenges and opportunities they have faced when managing single-use plastic. This opportunity will enable an exchange of insights affecting the industry and help shape a platform that could revolutionise the industry.

With plastic pollution set to quadruple by 2040, some 30 percent of hospitality guests are found to spend more with providers that operate responsibly.

Common Seas has pioneered a revolutionary reporting software as a simple way for hospitality businesses to become leaders in plastic reporting. PlasTICK works by empowering businesses within the sector to measure their plastic usage, create reduction strategies, set realistic targets, and track and celebrate the progress made. Developed alongside and recognised by the United Nations World Tourism led initiative, PlasTICK is the first tailor-made tool to solely target hospitality businesses such as hotels, stadiums, and food and beverage providers and enable them to meet Global Tourism Plastics Initiative commitments.

Already implemented globally in Greece and the Maldives, Common Seas are now asking for time with UK hospitality leaders responsible for acting on plastic within their businesses to support the design of PlasTICK for a UK market. In return, businesses will receive free access to the platform.

Jo Royle, Founder and CEO of Common Seas said: “UK hospitality businesses have the ability to future-proof themselves and implement effective plastic reporting measures ahead of further pressures from customers, investors, and international regulation.

“At Common Seas, we work with Governments and businesses around the world to reduce their plastic footprint. We now want to expand this to support those pioneering hospitality businesses in the UK focused on reducing their environmental impact by creating a powerful wave of change across the industry.”

The issues caused by plastic are devastating to the natural environment, so what are the ways that we can monitor these issues and reduce the effects of single use plastics?

To get in touch with Common Seas about first-hand experience of managing plastic, contact Sophia Kavgalakis: