Snowballing employee wellbeing

Can the right food offer increase employee wellbeing, productivity, mental and physical health and even trust? In the face of Brexit apetito are confident they can support businesses by saving cost, time and effort but the underlying truth is that it supports the wellbeing of people – and in today’s world, perhaps nothing matters more.

Mark Smalley, Retail Operations Lead at apetito is at the helm for their disruptive solution. Although young he is an emerging leader who understands that businesses must support their workforce, attendees, guests and more.

It’s no secret that Brexit is bringing challenges to the hospitality industry. Rising food inflation by 9%, losing nearly 19,000 chefs a year and according to research by People1st, 64% say they can’t find applicants with the required chef skills, which means there is both a labour and skills shortage. However, what this does mean is that people will become a premium commodity and they need to be looked after. Apetito have recognised this situation and over recent months have developed their offer to work for a range of different businesses and clients. Their solution, an innovative retail meal proposition that offers quality traditional and world foods with simplicity and minimal skill levels, is ideal and especially for workforce talent.

“Food is a universal language that brings people together.”

Often chefs in a busy kitchen are focused on creating meals for the paying customer and therefore the staff offer can get forgotten or simply become an annoyance. It makes sense, chefs look at whose paying and move their focus towards that direction. The difficultly is finding the time for them to focus on the staff food. This isn’t every business, some place employee wellbeing at the heart of their strategy but this can be difficult. By looking after the workforce, it drives productivity, mental health, retention, culture and wellbeing. Which in turn should add business value. It makes logical sense, but many companies have not been able too or have become too busy to adopt this. This is where apetito can support, they provide traditionally plated restaurant quality meals which at the same time de-skill’s and de-risk’s the kitchen.

Mark understands that this may not be for everyone but for those looking to support staff plus save time, money and space, then it has great appeal. apetito approaches this in one of the best possible ways, they always ask themselves how apetito can work best with a client. They look at what difference they can provide which in turn supports staff. This strategy ensures they are always listening and adjusting to suit their clients objectives. Whether a member’s club with a large workforce, visitor attraction or stadia, apetito can provide a solution to match the business need.

Food is a universal language that brings people together. It impacts on daily life and for a strong team culture it makes sense to ensure the food being provided fuels them. The next few years are not going to be easy because Brexit is bringing issues and businesses must realign their focus towards their own talent and their mental health, retention, sick days and even competitiveness. There is a growing importance upon delicious, nutritious food that should counter the above issues. With fair investment companies can raise the bar and make a positive difference.

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