Shopping Basket Tenders Are Dying


How to curate places, spaces, services and experiences which fuel productivity.

Companies are looking at food service with new eyes – one with a broader remit and in time will transform the sector. This week EP brought together operators, clients and consultants in a session which explored the role of food today and the positive impact it can make on people’s daily lives.

Over breakfast 25 guests gathered in an event, kindly hosted by international law firm Bird & Bird, for a discussion and debate around the role of food today.

The insightful discussion is part of EP’s ‘Fuelling Productivity’ campaign and the collective response from the morning was there is a new language breaking through when it comes to food service and its being driven by clients and consumers. In turn it is making operators and consultants evaluate their direction and approach and moving from cost sensitivity to putting food at the heart of culture.

The morning included fascinating presentations from:

Trina Marshall

Principal, Regional Leader of Consulting at HOK – The importance of ‘putting food at the heart of service and experience design’ and focus on architecture, design and space. “From setting the brief; being deliberate about the role thoughtful design plays in productivity, staying abreast topics and making sure design sympathises and empathises with them. Importantly being brave and bold enough to make and take decisions which are enriched by a better deeper blend of qualitative and quantitative insights.” Trina made a lasting comment following the session which summarised it perfectly: It was all about: “How to curate places, spaces, services and experiences which fuel productivity.”






Ian Edwards

Programme Director at Nomura Health and Fitness – Developed Nomura’s Health and Wellbeing package over five years to be one of the UK’s best. By gathering and analysis data on their employees, Nomura really understand how food impacts on health. This has led to winning the Royal Society of Public Health award, ‘Best Workplace Health and Wellbeing’ this year.






Karen Friebe

Partner at BIRD & BIRD LLP – Shared insight into how they approach wellbeing with their employees and clients. From high quality nutritious food offers and mental health champions to improving the physical environment and always continuously learning.






The Q1 Conference – The Changing World of Food Service

It was agreed that there is a great need to share perspectives and best practices and engage all in the hospitality world. In Q1 EP is therefore creating a conference which explores this all in detail. To include presentations and leading examples from companies driving the advancement of food service and quality of life.

If you would like to get involved with this conference please contact EP.

Thank you to all presenters and attendees