Robin Hood Ideal Reworked: Supporting the Leaders of tomorrow.

The Robin Hood Ideal Reworked

Today’s generation of Entrepreneurs and Innovators are also the Voices of Change and leaders of tomorrow.
We want to support them.


Tomorrow we are delighted to launch a campaign entitled “The Robin Hood Ideal Reworked” campaign which is focused on building a platform for large companies to work, invest and trade with some of Hospitality’s brightest entrepreneurs.

Innovation is really important in today’s market as everyone is looking for originality in concepts that can engage and excite the market. There are many MDs seeking new alternatives to the traditional; products and concepts that will engage and excite their customers.  The consumer in turn is increasingly knowledgeable and is seeking new tastes and concepts to experience.

The result is that large companies need the innovators and this is the basis of The Robin Hood Ideal reworked.


Let us all support originality and innovation as it will help the Industry as a whole prosper plus support
an exciting generation of talent.

EP’s Entrepreneurs Club now has over 90 members and there really is some exceptional talent on display. The new generation of entrepreneurs really possess a real conviction in their concepts and ideas but are also in their roles within the broader industry and community. It is a new generation that is exciting to watch and behold. Our objective is to give it a platform and support so that the talent can be creative, innovative and have a fair chance of success.

The best will find a way to be successful but the objective of this campaign is to give those with original thought – and the courage to take those thoughts forward – a platform to find business partners and investment.

We launch the campaign tomorrow morning and have
over 90 guests attending. We are hosting a second event on the 15th June to build the momentum. If you would like to be involved, we welcome your support so please come.

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