Ritrovo’s mission is to provide bespoke support to enable young talent like has never existed before

The view of Ritrovo by an University Student:

“The Ritrovo app is so useful for university students and young people entering the world of work. The Art of You folder has been especially helpful for me in developing a personal culture of excellence and so often we forget the skills which must be learnt in order to be a successful leader.

From becoming confident when networking with senior people or knowing how to dress and present yourself this Ritrovo folder is an amazing tool for so many potential leaders. It is refreshing to receive personal and relevant information instead of being directed towards outdated information through LinkedIn.

Additionally, the Content in the library is really interesting and current. Folders like “social conscious leadership” and “Post Covid leadership” are filled with great articles looking at the current issues in the world and how to successfully navigate the changing landscape using leadership skills, which is particularly interesting to the next generation of talent. Being able to listen to the life stories of successful mentors and understand the ups and downs of a professional career is both revealing and insightful. “

(Lexie Cook, University of Newcastle)