Ritrovo – Supporting and Developing all talent, regardless of background because everyone deserves a bright future.

One often hears the phrase, “talent is talent” and it is true, all talent is talent and all talent really does deserve the chance to be developed and nurtured, regardless of their start in life or where they may find themselves at points during their life.

It is also fair that some talent needs more nurturing than others and bespoke solutions to bring out their best and set them up in the right way for the future.

As we find ourselves in the midst of a literal war on talent, the focus and need for retaining, nurturing and developing talent within our businesses as well as talent for the future has possibly never been so important. We need to look at talent differently and adjust our thinking and models to find and develop our future leaders in the best way.

Ritrovo is built with the sole purpose of developing talent and we also carry an important social agenda because we aim to support- all talent regardless of background, ethnicity, disadvantage or skill set. It is simply about providing solutions which are effective, create opportunities for knowledge share, development, mentoring and bespoke nurturing which truly can change the face of talent and leadership for the future.

From supporting new community restaurants helping to train disadvantaged talent to supporting talent in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India, from looking to support those coming out of homelessness, those coming out of education as well as supporting businesses with their own social agendas to develop their future leaders, Ritrovo is about leadership change as well as about current and future talent development.

One of our many mentors who passionately supports the development of all talent is Ioannis S. Pantelidis. He joined the University of Brighton in March 2011 and was promoted to Principal Lecturer in February 2014. More recently in August 2021, he was named Lead Academic for Knowledge Exchange for the School of Business and Law. In October 2019, he was promoted to Director of Postgraduate Studies for Brighton Doctoral College. He sits in the Advisory Board for Be Inclusive Hospitality, is in the current executive and is a Past Chair (18-21) of The Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) and Director of The Association of North America Higher Education International.

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