Ritrovo – allowing all talent access to inspiration and insight, at any moment, from any background, from any community – there are finally no barriers to learning.

All across the industry, there are discussions about the need to find answers to the skills shortages. There are concerns over the image of the industry as an employer and for its ability to be able to access great talent. This has been a discussion for over thirty years.

The answer naturally lies in how the industry can do more to support the development and skills of all talent. Challenges exist; it is now about finding new solutions as it is far from easy.

But the dynamics have changed in that;

  • Employees today hold the power
  • There is a growing trust in A.I and tech platforms as it is felt to be less biased or positioned.
  • They can access learning and knowledge in their own time, 24/7 and whenever they choose.

New solutions are needed.

One of Ritrovo’s core objectives is to support and enable talent from the poorest and most disadvantaged of backgrounds. For the first time, talent from all backgrounds can access easy learning and knowledge in their space, in their own time and be able to feel supported.

Ritrovo can allow for talents from the poorest and most disadvantaged of backgrounds to be able to access support. If we are able to support talent, from any background, find inspiration and strength to break through barriers then this is success in itself. We are in discussions with a number of bodies on this point who agree that it is time to let talent learn in new ways and to support them to develop so that they, our businesses and industries can thrive together.