Rise of New India. A Hub for Global Tourism

Invest in the Future – Eco Hotels

Combining economy with ecology

Eco Hotels is the world’s first carbon neutral hotel brand of it’s kind. In 2018, they are seeking an IPO and as a first stage is delighted to offer an exclusive early bird investment discount for Hospitality Industry professionals.

India is an exciting market full of potential –  a market that has yet to be fully realised. India is expected to move up five spots to be ranked among the top five business travel market globally by 2030, as business travel spending in the country is expected to treble from US$ 30 billion in 2015.

International hotel chains will likely increase their expansion and investment plans in India and are expected to account for 50 per cent share in the Indian hospitality industry by 2022, from the current 44 per cent.

This really is a potential moment in time – and a moment when a new hotel sector in India will emerge. Growth Market economies, otherwise known as developing nations, are emerging as the key drivers of the world economy in this decade.

The Indian government has realised the country’s potential in the tourism industry and has taken several steps to make India a global tourism hub. It is this work that is leading the change for India as a country of opportunity for investors. In the Union Budget 2017-18, the Government of India announced some initiatives to give a boost to the tourism and hospitality sector such as setting up of five special tourism zones, special pilgrimage or tourism trains and worldwide launch of Incredible India campaign among others

On top of this, Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment banking firm, believes that by 2020, all of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) should be in the top 10 largest economies of the world. Additionally, by 2050 they will be the most important economies – relegating the US, one of the largest economies of the world, to fifth place.

The BRIC countries have come to symbolise the shift in global economic power away from the developed G7 economies. India is now counted among the primary influencers of international business.

India, with 1.35 billion people, holds 18% of the world’s population and contributes to 2.6% of the global GDP. That is 18% of the world’s wealth creating and spending population. With nearly half this number below the age of 25, the opportunities for capital growth are tremendous. Strong fundamentals and forward-looking reforms have altered the business landscape, changing the way the world sees it. Across sectors and industries the focus is on business development, with growth rates constantly staying in the range of 6-8%. India is a significant force to reckon with, and everyone is taking notice.

Eco Hotels is seeking to grow extensively in India over the next decade. The budget hotel sector in India is still immature and the scope and potential is immense. Their objective is to build a strong hotel brand that combines sustainability, ecology with a great service ethic and to maximise on the great potential that exists within India.

For further information concerning potential investment opportunities please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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