Reinvention…finding purpose…aspiring for better

It may all sound like an ideal but research tells us too many not only feel disengaged from their work and companies (a percentage that beyond what should be right), but over 50% desire to find greater purpose in their lives and over 40% desire a career change. 65% feel that their voice is never heard or has any value within their work place.

Research also tells us that it is purpose – the journey towards a goal – that really creates pride, satisfaction and contentment. Having a voice at work also is viewed as being of real importance to feeling purpose.

It is not a hard argument to see a link between lack of purpose and disengagement with the increased levels in anxiety, stress and depression – especially when 4:10 are battling with financial concerns. This battle is all the worse when one can find less meaning in their work.

And yet research also tell us that purpose can be found in a whole range of ways – from volunteering work, to finding new career paths, finding purpose in new objectives, in finding new perspectives and new horizons.

The above figures affect people from all levels of work – there are many senior players who feel they have lost their way as much as with emerging talent.

Everyone has their own perception, their own world, their own problems and they are all solvable with some expert support.

This issues affects companies – where productivity clearly suffers and where they struggle to attract the best talent – to individuals who should be aspiring for better. Both companies and individuals need to consider new ideas, solutions and approaches.

All the above can be solved. It is about placing talent right back near the top of the agenda and having experts that do understand the issues working alongside companies and individuals. Both need better.

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