Reinvention – new thoughts, ideas and thinking

It doesn’t get any easier. We all need to think differently.

EP attracted some kind praise during the last months for what a number described as “original thinking” and our thanks to those who did write to us, both personally and formally.

However, the truth is that the last year has made us all try to find new solutions, explore new ideas and concepts. It has challenged us and it will continue to do so over the next few months. It is going to be almost a full year before we will be able to see a clear road forward and that has taken every business to the limit.

What went before may well not be good enough. We now need to be prepared to explore the new. Many operations have changed their service offers, redefined their value propositions, and found a new purpose. Many people have been forced to change jobs, careers, redefine their horizons. Much has changed.

We see EP’s role to bring leaders together to debate, challenge and ask new questions; to together create original thinking and solutions.

As part of this process, we are delighted to launch a consultancy division with 3 experienced MDs, all committed to helping both operators and people reinvent themselves. It will be the challenge of 2021 and we are here to support it.

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