Reinvention – living with purpose.

We hear it about companies; equally important for individuals, if not more so.

One of the most common discussions in recent times is how companies need to have real purpose in their approach and activities – especially today when talent want to work for those companies that possess real purpose both in society as well as in business. The leading employers today will be those that are showing innovation and fresh thinking both socially and in business.

It is no different with individuals and arguably it is even more important as AI is going to change work patterns, environments and society. It is said that there will be 15% new occupations created over the next decade that do not even exist today. This does not sound too threatening until one also hears leading experts talk of how AI will create the 4th Industrial Revolution which will change all our lives beyond that which we recognise today. This will mean that we will have to be able to adapt, change and acquire new skills to meet what will be a fast changing social and business landscape.

We all will have to reinvent ourselves and our purpose 3x during the course of our careers and the majority are simply not ready for this. The real point is – how do you keep real meaning and real purpose in life as much of life’s “dangers” and struggles are reduced?

A strange comment?

There is a view that stress and anxiety has increased as 1. Many have less real purpose and 2. There is less social contact and relationships. Both are needed.

It is not too surreal to argue that in 2 years time, your next checkup could be conducted by a virtual doctor ; that your smartphone will not only have access to digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, but also vastly intelligent artificial intelligence systems that are capable of doing much more than reciting the weather or fetching answers to questions.

The AI sector is set to grow financially in the coming years too. Market research predicts that the global business value derived from artificial intelligence could hit $3.9 trillion in 2022.

We are only at the start of the changes to come but the one thing that is a constant is that people need social interaction, need things that are grounded and to be able to strive and struggle for something that has meaning beyond themselves. It is part of our psyche and what, in truth, makes us different.

It may sound good to hear that we may have 3 or 4 day weeks in time to come but it could also lead to even higher levels of depression and anxiety.

So why is this important today?

For a number of reasons. It is important to work out:

. What are one’s primary skills and how can they be adapted?

· How can each of us adapt? · What do we believe in and what purpose to be want?

· How can we make a difference?

· What will give us longevity in careers?

· How do we create strong, interactive social communities that lie beyond AI?

This takes thought and planning. It will be no different for your operations and business. AI will fundamentally change service levels, customer engagement and the product. This too needs planning and preparing for. It is the same and needs genuine thought.

In many ways this is not something to be concerned about. It means arguably that, if we get the process right, there will be more social interaction and relationships, more sharing of knowledge, more social purpose, more connectivity – more real purpose on a bigger scale but it needs preparation.