Reinvention – Is it worth it?

It is becoming harder to convince people so why not work with those that can help create change together?

Is it worth it? Yes it is, that is why next week we are delighted to be hosting an evening reception at New Zealand House, where we are bringing both former sports players seeking to find a new paths in life together with a range of Hospitality and business leaders.

There are a number that argue that this has been attempted various times before and yes it has. However, there are definite differences today.  Many boards are discussing the need to develop new leaders and teams and there will be few better at coaching such skills as former sports players.

One of our objectives is to develop leadership and team development within Hospitality through the use of former sporting players. This we believe can bring a different thought process and dimension to thinking within business.  It is already a well known and proven concept – we just want to broaden it and raise the bar.

The world is different today, fact. Pressure and work intensity is high and we need to encourage both a sharing of knowledge and new ideas. Our goal is to explore different thinking, challenge traditional boundaries and to share knowledge to create positive change.

Earlier this week, Sodexo ran a conference on Quality of Life and brought together a plethora of highly impressive speakers that ranged from Jane Fonda to one of the first female astronauts to the former Prime Minister of Sweden.  One of the most common themes to come across from the event was that sharing ideas and knowledge makes us all stronger.

Forget the past and lets find new solutions. One speaker noted that they had lost the will to try and convince people to think differently; that they will therefore simply work with those that share their values and that their actions together will create change.

This is really what reinvention is all about. It is about us exploring beyond Hospitality to find new ideas and solutions, to think broadly and to maximise methods and opportunities to encourage the emerging generations.

Sporting players are still relatively young when they retire. They still have so much to give, contribute and achieve and we on the other hand can learn much from their talents and skills within a good framework.


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