Reinvention: if you need advice on your career; if you feel lost – then do come and talk, change can happen

When we initially founded Reinvention it was really designed to help those in senior roles that were struggling having lost a leadership role or temporarily lost their purpose. It has been fascinating as the two groups that are really approaching under this campaign are either those that want to find a new purpose and frustrated with corporate politics/life and those that who are under 35 and wanting to make sure that their lives do have meaning and that they find a culture/company that will value them.

Clearly one of the common denominators between these two groups is a view that corporate life is simply not personal nor liberating of talent. It is genuinely quite sad to hear young talent talk as to how they are just a number and that there is no genuine personal care for them, their views or their development. It is also surprising just how much anger there is – from both groups – as to how corporate life is, in their own views, quite negative. It is easy to understand why many turn to explore the entrepreneurial journey to escape the corporate world but this is not necessarily the right option for many.

So to those that do feel lost, know it is more natural and common than you may realise. More importantly, there are also a large number of companies who are striving to excel and be better in the way they manage and support talent. Yes there are many companies who are poor in how they behave towards their own people but there are also many companies who possess great cultures, good teams and genuine support processes. This is where the focus should be – on finding a company and culture which will invest, care and help talent flourish.

There is a genuine momentum shift happening. It is only fair and important to note that we have all lived through an era of austerity which, naturally enough, has not been easy. Many companies may have been too focused on figures and results at the expense of culture and talent development but there are many signs that the pendulum is swinging back to greater understanding and investment  into culture and people.

We genuinely believe that there is a desire to free up young talent once again and that we will see a new generation flourish. It is the same with experienced talent as companies and their roles and responsibilities are growing all the time with pressures increasing to improve behaviours, leadership and how they act in society, in communities and with the environment. There are new roles being created which will need experienced heads.

Change is happening. Opportunities are arising. It could be a good period of time – so do feel free to come and explore ideas.