Finding a path through a world where uncertainty is the new norm

The modern world is an environment where change happens so fast that all – companies, people, offers and services – need to constantly adapt and reinvent themselves. Nothing any longer stays the same. The irony, of course, is people traditionally do not like change but it is fast becoming a new reality that all need to accept. History has shown time and time again that periods of darkness often are the catalyst for new thinking, innovation and ideas. It will probably will do so again now.

EP is therefore proud to introduce “Reinvention” to you: a service which aims to work with you as a business leader, an entrepreneur or talent to find the best road forward. During 2020, since its founding, Reinvention has already helped a number of new companies be founded, existing companies rethink their plans and some senior talent change career routes. This is the essence on Reinvention, to support the process of change through market knowledge, care and partnering.

  • New plans for a new market. Every business has understandably needed to question itself, adapt and new plans & strategies for the new norm. What lies next and what is needed?
  • Disrupters and entrepreneurs. With every recession comes new ideas, entrepreneurs and disruption. Many will reinvent and find new roads forward which are self-determined. After the 2008 crash, both AirBnB and Uber were founded. The reality is that talent does create new concepts in this market and often it disrupts established models. Are there many models not feeling vulnerable or open to disruption at this time?At the same time, many great talents are simply finding new homes for their crafts and skills. They are founding new businesses that simply strive to offer excellence and service. Already we are seeing many talented chefs found new pop ups, new bakeries, new restaurants. They all need help and we are here to provide support.
  • The Reinvention of you. There is some exceptional talent seeking new purpose. Some are in leadership roles today, some are still in work and some have lost their jobs. All though want to find new purpose and meaning. All business relies on great people and reinvention, at heart, is all about supporting great people fulfil their potential.
  • Fitness of the mind – as research has shown well, maybe the biggest battleground is keeping a clear mind, being able to be mentally fresh in a world which is ever more important. During the pandemic many have rediscovered the importance of reflection and having time to think. How can this be spread from an individual to across a team?

Our aim is to work with you to help create change.

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