Working to free up talent?

There is a need and a desire for new thinking when it comes to how both people and companies are represented and think about the development of people. We know that many feel disengaged and lacking in purpose: so how is it reversed? We know that many want companies to play bigger roles within communities and for individuals to play volunteering roles for their companies – so how is this supported?

In simple terms, this is what EP’s reinvention is about:

  • Career Change
  • Helping individuals find purpose
  • Helping individuals cope with anxiety and stress, to work to free their talent
  • Working with companies to develop both trust and involvement with social initiatives

When it comes to careers and people, there are three common growing themes that do need proper consideration:

  • Many feel under pressure financially and disengaged professionally
  • Many want to contribute more to social causes and to the community – and want to do this via their companies.
  • The majority are dissatisfied with their jobs and would like to find a new road forward – one which is more fulfilling

So here lies the challenge for both companies and individuals – how can they ensure that talent is more engaged, can find security and how can companies play a more central role in communities that enhance their business not detract.
Here are the facts:

  • 40-43% of employees feel anxious and under financial strain. This is a high percentage
  • 45% of those aged under 35 want to play a more active role in social causes through volunteering.
  • Over 40% feel lonely at work
  • Only 12.5% are positively engaged in their work
  • Over 54% would like to change their career path if it was possible

And here are some statistics that illustrate the landscape very clearly:

  • 60% would not find the financial pressures of concern if their roles were fulfilling and made a genuine difference to either people or society.
  • 68% want to feel greater pride in their work
  • 71% want their companies to be play real leadership roles both internally and within communities – and yet do not feel that this is happening.
  •  63% do not trust in their leadership teams
  • 77% do not feel their voices are either heard or of interest.

This is a pretty poor picture and should embarrass many. Of course it will not but it should – but what can be done is for individuals to find new paths for themselves that aim to find the right solutions for each individual.

This is why we have created “reinvention” as this all part of today’s landscape and individuals do need some support; that plus the fact that we will all need to constantly look at how we evolve, adapt, learn and change as our careers progress.

Answers can be found but it does need to lateral and more brave thinking. The above picture is not acceptable and we want to work with those that want to find change as it is important that we find a better road to talent feeling engaged and that they do have a voice. This is not idealistic – it is what allows for talent to grow and become leaders.

It is strange that it is the companies themselves that often get in the way of the development of people.

So what do you want?

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