Rebuilding the Human Factor in Business

The discussion about the so called “War on Talent” is at the top of many boardroom agendas and understandably, is of enormous concern for many businesses as they continue to try to navigate the still unsure future. From a BBC News survey published this morning, the evidence is more than persuasive that most people believe that workers will not return to the office full-time after the coronavirus pandemic. The nature of the employee has changed, possibly forever, but what does it mean that employees need and more importantly, what can businesses provide as support?

According to a recent McKinsey article, if the past 18 months have taught us anything, it’s that employees crave investment in the human aspects of work. Employees are tired, and some of them have been scared by the experience. They want a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work and days. They want investment and hope. They want social and interpersonal connections with their colleagues and managers. They want to feel a sense of shared identity. They want to feel valued by their organisations and managers. They want meaningful, though not necessarily in-person, interactions and not just transactions.

By not understanding what their employees are running from, and what they might gravitate to, company leaders are putting their businesses at risk. Because many employers are handling the situation similarly—failing to invest in a more fulfilling employee experience and failing to meet new demands for autonomy and flexibility at work—some employees are deliberately choosing to withdraw entirely from traditional forms of engagement and full-time employment.

What can we do to support this change?

Through discussions with companies, the need for bespoke and proactive support is evident and the use of technology for facilitation is essential. This is where Ritrovo does come into its own as a global app based (mobile & desktop) platform built by leaders for leaders.

Providing a bespoke leadership and development resource for businesses and proactive support for businesses and talent. Bringing experienced leaders from all walks of life together with young talent to really aid in development and actively work alongside business leaders to build new, interactive and business bespoke white-labelled frameworks for continuous learning. With over 100 leaders from the worlds of sport, law, finance, business, entrepreneurs, and hospitality who want to actively support the talent of the future.

From mentoring to discussion forums, from events to knowledge sharing, Ritrovo supports engagement, development and ultimately retention of talent to ensure business sustainability and accommodate the employee and “office” of the future.