Real Change is Happening

As we enter 2013, it is exciting to see a number of the leading professional bodies openly come together to work closely so that the professional development landscape becomes easier to understand and work with. The Hospitality Guild has led this change and hopefully this is a start of how all the excellent initiatives are able to work in a co-ordinated fashion, which really serves to engage industry and support the development of talent that lies within.

There has been much praise and criticism for the campaign that EP highlighted last year. As with all debates, there were issues that needed airing and had differing perspectives. However, the world has changed and the landscape was in need of change. The leading bodies, working together, will now lead this change and this momentum points to a very positive way forward with The Guild as the umbrella organisation that allows for greater clarity, greater understanding and far more effective communication.

peter-duckerPeter Ducker, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality

“The Hospitality Guild allows us to be part of a united force for good, working together with other organisations to enhance the industry’s reputation through the improvement of professional development.”

peter-thomasPeter Thomas, Chief Executive, British Institute of Innkeeping

“It’s important to realise that all of us in hospitality are under one umbrella. The Hospitality Guild is very much the binding that makes this work. They’re helping us to get the message out there to young people that pubs offer a viable, long-term career and that’s something we can all be proud of.”

nick-bishNick Bish, Chief Executive, Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers

“The hospitality industry has so much to offer but has hitherto been the Cinderalla of career choice. The Hospitality Guild can change all that by spearheading the efforts and the opportunities offered by great companies and great people in all the sectors that make up this great industry.”

sarah-jayneSara Jayne Stanes OBE, Chief Executive, Academy of Culinary Arts

“For many years the hospitality industry has lacked an umbrella organisation to act as a voice of unity and to pull together the passion and expertise of the industry’s bodies to support and improve professional development. Thus, we are delighted to support the Hospitality Guild as one of the founding partners. We will shape the future and direction of the hospitality industry by working together to set the standards for training and the provision of career opportunities.”
carl-weldonCarl Weldon, Chief Executive, HOSPA

“The hospitality industry should have an umbrella organisation to act as a voice of unity representing all the passion and expertise of the industry’s bodies to support professional development and attract new people to the industry. We are happy to support the Hospitality Guild to represent the new inclusive voice for our great industry.”


martin-batesMartin Bates GCGC CEO, The Craft Guild of Chefs

“The Craft Guild of Chefs promotes skills, education and the science of cookery across the whole of the hospitality industry. For us it was a simple decision as to whether or not we should be a part of an umbrella organisation that represented those views and others in the industry, we welcomed the creation of the Hospitality Guild as that umbrella. It is obvious that in speaking as one voice, the various associations and organisations under this umbrella, will achieve far more than a lone voice.”