How We Work

EP can create a strategy that benefits your business objectives. With a proven track record, EP fundamentally understands how to engage an audience and how to draw a community together. EP works with experienced design specialists domino4 to deliver high-end communications. Striking and engaging design, focused on teamwork, is an asset that should grasp hearts and inspire minds to ensure an organisation is noticed per se and especially by its target audience.

Each project is unique but the shared goal is to ensure a total engagement for businesses with their target audience, helping to drive business growth and sales forward. EP begins the process with a proposal that includes initial creative thinking, the production process, the schedule and the team that will deliver.

Why produce publications?

  • Tangible quality pieces of collateral which possess a wow factor
  • Attractive publications, visually intense compared to digital
  • A valued sales tool for business
  • Relationship enhancer for clients, suppliers and employees
  • Long desk-life and shelf-life which leaves a lasting impression.
  • Provides a regular and consistent message for the market

Your business objectives

EP will work with you to create a concept and format that is right for your business objectives. With our vast experience we can look after all aspects of production from conception through to distribution.

Publications can:

  • Showcase and celebrate a business
  • Focus on a management team and the individuals who contribute to the business
  • Have a look, feel and tone that complements the business
  • Emphasise business desires; position as a leading player, explain broad range of business, showcase how things are changing, show accessibility of a team and more
  • Enhance supplier relationships
  • Be used as a promotional marketing tool

The aims:

  • Win new business
  • Retain current clients
  • Develop greater business loyalty
  • Stand out in the marketplace
  • Be aimed at the current target market

Content & Design

Modern, accurate and high-quality publications

EP has an experienced team who will manage and can oversee the whole process. Copy can be written, sub-edited and proofread to ensure high quality production values are maintained. As part of the process we will create an agreed flat plan and production schedule to support the production process.

To create consistent publications – whether books, magazines or reports, the process includes:

  • Producing an attractive and engaging design to hold readers attention, ensure a positive reaction and strengthen the business
    • Create engaging cover designs
    • Creative page layout designs
  • Produce and support on content creation and writing
  • Ensure highest quality images are included
  • Create an effective distribution strategy

Here to support you

EP has great pride in supporting businesses with their communications. The market and custom is constantly changing – for fair and good reasons – but messaging must reflect the times. There is a general weariness over bland corporate messaging. Today a strong communication strategy must possess clear and strong messages. There is no greater place to do this than with printed publications.

EP supports through crafting genuine, authentic and purposeful communication that make the audience register and listen.

It is not an easy process and there are many companies that are frustrated with their own approach and the fact that their message is not reaching its targeted audiences. EP can support.

Contact EP today to find discuss how a strong communication plan can be created.

Ben V Butler
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