Procurement Webinar Report – “There will be more change in the next 10 years than the next 50 years”

We were delighted to host a thought provoking webinar on how the supply chain is facing one of its greatest periods of evolution as:
• The world is global and yet more local than it has been in decades. Localism is a growing powerful force
• Digital technology is creating genuine change with more data
• The pandemic has created greater openness and stronger partnerships/collaboration as we all work to work through the challenges together
• The consumer today does want to know and cares far more about products
• Sustainability is of today almost an umbrella under which the supply chain comes.

The pandemic has highlighted many issues in the supply chain and the change which is needed. However, with so many on furlough, are companies really ready to embrace the change which has taken place? What might the supply chain look like post pandemic? Can we really talk about sustainability with strength when the supply chain has been reported to be so unsustainable (11.4x more carbon emissions than in a company operation)? Can data and technology be a catalyst for positive change?

Speakers included:
Andrew Main, Founder, SerTech Exchange
David Read, Chairman, Prestige Purchasing
Marc Frankl, Director, Amadeus
Marc Zornes, Founder, Winnow

A fascinating time lies ahead and it is evident that much change is about to take place in the supply chain.