Preview: The Next EP Magazine

Preview: The Next EP Magazine

The next EP Magazine is due out in mid-December and covers a wide array of stories from the industry and beyond. This edition of EP is slightly different in design and focuses on key issues such as food trends, talent, the emerging generation and the decline in power of major brands and the move towards boutiques.

The magazine includes:

  • How is leadership changing?
  • How can history be used to engage?
  • What influences strategy in 2016?
  • Who are the future leaders?
  • How do you empower customers?
  • Are we facing the hard questions on talent?
  • Is this the first time in history whereby two generations, with different insights, need each other to work as one?
  • What food themes are on the rise and how is the food landscape changing?

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever and we believe there is still a need for greater debate, discussion, ideas and understanding.

For more information on how to subscribe to EP Magazine please contact Ben Butler

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