Presenting Fashionz tower, Dubai: How can cross-sector partnerships strengthen businesses?

Cross sector partnerships can be difficult. With obstacles like differences in values, an increased need for organisation and balancing power dynamics finding the right partner in business can prove challenging. However, effective partnerships can merge clients, expand available offerings,and create dynamic concepts which is exactly what the new partnership between Danube Properties and Fashiontv is promising to do with the opening of Fashionz, the new luxury residence tower, in Dubai.

With promises of over forty specialised fashion inspired features, these residential apartments will be creating luxury housing which is unmatched by anything currently available and is due to be open by December 2026. With an infinity pool, cigar bar, gym and childcare services this building is not only planned to be the tallest tower in the Jumeirah village triangle but will be an example of affordable luxury.

Rizwan Sagan, founder and chairman of Danube Properties, believes that fashion and Dubai’s luxury property market are a perfect match and a natural progression in integrating great design and the opulence of fashion, which is so synonymous with Dubai. Rizwan attributes the reason this fashion partnership will be so successful is due to Dubai’s luxury market and “passion for fashion” and he hopes that if this building is a success he wishes to take this concept internationally.

Traditionally, such large cross sector partnerships have been thought of as being too ambitious yet Danube Properties previous partnership, for a building with Aston Martin interiors, was a huge success and formed the initial idea for this new partnership.

This ambitious partnership also introduces the idea that consumers are looking for dynamic and exciting new concepts when looking for homes. The luxury home market continues to be a growing space so what will be the next inventive idea to incentivise people buying homes?

This proves that brand partnerships can prove the most effective way to expand business and create truly dynamic housing. Is this a progressive trend that we will be seeing in the future with partnerships between fashion and hospitality coming soon?
Will the hospitality sector see an increased synergy between fashion, food and accommodation? Is this the invigoration needed to reenergise cross sector partnerships?

Written by Lexie Cook, EP hospitality in Business