People want personal representation when considering their careers…there is a move back towards great representation but with far more.

It is an old saying that most things in life are like a pendulum and things just swing from one side to another. Often things need to almost go to an extreme before there is a swing back.

Today so many are fed up and disillusioned with many recruitment companies and job boards and they possess a desire just to sit down with an expert, get good advice and support as they consider their careers. Quite rightly so. Finding a new job can be a vulnerable and nervy process – whatever level a person sits. Funnily enough, often the more senior the person the more they do want support.

So this is one of our aims this year – to create a process that does raise the bar. We have launched a service called “reinvention” that not only does the above but goes deeper, seeks to raise a bar that really works with people on a deeper level. We have a psychotherapist as part of the team to work with those that are feeling high levels of anxiety and stress – and this is more natural than many realise. For a CEO to lose their role and return to the family may sound like a good thing but it can create huge stress levels as often they do not know their role within the family unit, what is the expectation of both themselves and their families? How do they reinvent themselves?

What happens to those that feel trapped in their jobs, feel a lack of purpose? Often many need just to sit down with a confidant, talk and find a new road to their own individual purpose?

It is no different for companies who are seeking great talent. They need to fight for the best talent and today possess a more personalised, multi-dimensional approach to attracting and supporting the best talent through mentors, coaches, development plans and how they stand/work with great social initiatives. It is a complicated picture and landscape. It does all need better than job boards and depersonalised process. Change is happening. There is great talent all around and they deserve – and need – great representation.