EP partners with companies at the forefront of hospitality innovation. We are committed along with our partners, to find sustainable and revolutionary advancements in the industry and lead the fast-growing developments which benefit businesses in hospitality.

Sprung Collective is a new kind of Food & Drink consultancy. It deploys its collective of deep-knowledge specialists to re-energise its clients’ businesses. Each solution is as unique as each client it represents.

Sprung Collective’s CEO, James Greetham, has over two decades of experience of the Food & Drink industry at a senior level. His breadth of experience ranges from FTSE multinationals to small start ups.

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Sprung Collective’s CEO, James Greetham

In the UK, the emergence of the Vested business model and relational contracting is beginning to change the way that outsource relationships and partnerships operate. The changes are anything but superficial and are resulting in the development of real working partnerships between organisations which is something many have been calling for over many years.

With close to 20 years of development and work, Vested is a proven model and approach which can support organisations achieve the partnerships they seek.

Vested is a global movement. It has already has been widely used in North America, Scandinavia and Europe. The UK is beginning to embrace the approach too.

Many will note that consultants today are mainstream figures across outsourcing and there needs to be stronger clarity on their approach; that Vested does set out a model which all can trust in. Vested, at heart, is all about partnership and collaboration.

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Fuelling Productivity- putting Food at the Heart of Culture

In 2018 EP launched a series of discussion forums entitled ‘Fuelling Productivity’ to raise the profile for how food today can play a pivotal role in some of the wider business and social issues that we face.
Our argument was that food service could no longer be viewed as a commodity but as an important service offer than can play an influential role.

Over the years there have been a steady change in dialogue and operators today do believe there is a need for disruption and one perhaps driven by a mix of social, business and trend influences.

The impressive industry board members includes:

Dine Catering
Thomas Franks
St.John’s College, Cambridge University
The Oxford Cultural Collective
The Russell Partnership
Houston & Hawkes
Prestige Purchasing
Business Coffee Solutions
Food First
City Pantry
Alix Partners

As well a number of leading experts in the field.


Since early 2021, a core team has come together to work upon a concept for food sustainability festival. This already has over 30 companies involved, to work together to inform and enable a better understanding and greater awareness to drive informed choices and a consumer movement.

All across the Industry, there are great works taking place and our aim is to create a festival which is engages wide audiences and helps tell the story of the changes taking place and which so many do want to understand better.

EP is proud to be heavily involved in this very important initiative.


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