Over 10 000 a week read alternative thinking, embrace challenging discussion, look to learn and share

There are many who find comfort in “it is the way it has always been done” and “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and that is often totally understandable. Change is challenging. Risk is fear filled. Not having all the answers is weakness. But is this thinking really the truth?

Could change be exciting, could risk be empowering and could exploring possibilities or challenging the status quo to find the correct answers at the correct time simply be good business sense? With the world moving at such pace, with change really the only constant which is guaranteed, is it possilby not time to totally change and challenge our perspectives?

At EP, we pride ourselves in creating a plaform for healthy debate, to provide alternative perspectives and opportunities for collaboration to enable learning and growth. At a time when many would argue that genuine relationships, opportunities for collaboration and learning as well as insights into various other ways of thinking and innovation really is invaluable.

It is encouraging to see that over 10 000 people a week engage with EP and look to learn and explore fresh thinking. It is also appreciated that perhaps not everything resonates but it is encourageing that at the very least, minds are open to possibilities and that there is a willingness to learn more. We have written many times of the narrowness of thinking that has historically plagued many businesses and communities (including by their own admission, the Bank of England) and it is appreciated that we still have a long way to go but we will always celebrate progress in all its forms.

We are excited by the future and look forward to continuing to having you on the journey, collaborating and challening thinking with us.