Out to make a difference to enable the young – The Leader’s Journey

Out to make a difference to enable the young – The Leader’s JourneyThe Leadership Hub was concepted in 2020/2021 by Chris Sheppardson of EP Hospitality, with its founding members being Kathryn Pretzel-Shiels, Simon Halliday, Lauran Bush, and Abigail Tan.

The purpose being to create a haven where professional individuals of all walks of life and all stages in their careers could gather to share, learn, grow, and network.


In the last decade, there has been a lack of millennials who have broken through to board level and into leadership roles, which has led to the spread of disillusionment in leaders. This is a crucial time of change where new values are emerging, where we can create a ‘marriage’ between generations which will help businesses and people develop and evolve.

We are questioning what is true leadership, and how can we use the non-exhaustive list of answers to help shape and guide the leaders of today and the leaders of the future.

Relationship-building, trust and empowerment between leaders and future leaders must emerge if we are to ensure a future generation who are ethical, kind, wise, and genuinely caring humans.

Mission and Goals

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

Trust, and the lack thereof it.

Trust is a two-way street, and there is a fundamental issue and divide between leaders trusting their employees, and employees trusting their leaders.

Building the leaders of the future is crucial to future generations – leaders who can make a difference in the world through their kindness, humility, generosity of time and spirit, and who can break down barriers – leaders who can inspire others because they found inspiration through The Leader’s Journey.

To create an environment that makes people aspire to be leaders.

What is Distinctive about the Leader’s Journey?

Talent needs to be enabled and nurtured, to be given opportunity, and to aspire to be the best they can be. As companies cannot be relied upon to make an investment in talent as a top business priority, The Leader’s Journey is a place where employees do not have to fend for themselves by participating in generic training, but can be one place where individuals of all stages of their career could go to to be a part of a network of other like-minded individuals, and receive attention and face-time with senior management

It is a place where everyone is treated as an equal, and therefore a genuine purpose to meet others, network, and to grow.

How do we do this?

We do this by creating a one-stop hub that has the four following main focuses:

· Learning and Development / Training

· Knowledge-share / Teaching how to vulnerable and admit strengths/weaknesses as a form of strength

· Mentoring / Coaching

· Peer to peer networking / Events / Building friendships and relationships

How can the Leader’s Journey change the world?

By enabling talent to have the confidence to challenge themselves and grow. By providing a sounding board to emerging talent and helping their own growth through expertise and mentoring.

Attracting and leveraging experts and top-talent leaders to share their gifts and support member’s leadership development to grown and emerge.

To show the talent of all stages in their career what it is like at the top, to acknowledge their potential and opportunities.

By creating a community of leaders who believe that sharing is caring, that together is stronger than alone and giving a chance to those who wouldn’t normally have access to a platform like this.