Out this week Food Service Action Magazine – Including the consultants insights


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This issue includes the insights and views of a range of consultants working in and around the hospitality sector. It is our belief that their understanding of the market is of the highest value and their information is of an increasing premium.

Sharing knowledge and seeing a full picture of the market has never been more important. Change is happening so fast that a different and valuable perspective is needed. Alongside the great stories featuring in this issue, we hope the new insights will continue to benefit the reader.

In this issue:

  • Is fearing failure a barrier to succeeding?
  • Martin Boden, MD of Sodexo – creating a truly optimised workspace
  • Rosewood London’s Holborn Dining Room – creating a restaurant’s identity.
  • Professor David Russell explains how increased sustainable practices influence leadership.
  • Winnow look at three key trends that will influence the year ahead.
  • Stephanie Hamilton, MD of Food and Hospitality at ISS – why now is the time to talk about mental health?
  • The marriage of styles – the acquisition of Absolute Taste by One Event Management.
  • And much more.


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