One & All Foundation

We can do more to support good talent grow.

The One & All Foundation was founded to support all talent, regardless of origin, background, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Talent is talent. We want great talent to be nurtured and encouraged and the traditional barriers to be stripped away.

The One & All Foundation has been developed to ensure that every individual can fulfil their potential in an open, diverse and dynamic hospitality industry. We believe in inclusivity.

It’s a fact: Times are changing. Society is changing. The workforce has already changed. It has been proven that those organisations that are the most inclusive produce greater results. This is not just about great people but great business, great service, and great teams.

One & All is charged with empowering individuals to change and grow; to maximise their potential. We will achieve this through mentors and coaching; through bespoke programmes centred on individuals.

We will celebrate case studies of those that have broken through barriers and glass ceilings. These case studies and people stories can be the inspiration for others and create the strength for change.

Our goal is simple
To let talent grow and allow good people to achieve great work through their everyday choices and behaviour.

Hospitality is an international industry that excites almost everyone in one form or another. This can only happen through our people. We need great people. It is time to end once and for all the discussions about a lack of good people, lack of leaders, a lack of skills. Instead, we need to focus on developing talent of all types.
Please come and work with us to achieve our goal – One Industry, All People.
What can you do to support another to achieve success?

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Recent activities:

Women in Businessan initiative that aims at enabling new leaders, developing and fostering new and existing talent and think differently looking to the future.

Dinner at Grange St Paul’s Hotel

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