The Champions of Culture: Learn from sport to improve trust, culture and retention

EP hosted – alongside Sanlam UK – an event with four Olympians: Crista Cullen (GB Hockey – Gold 2016 and Bronze 2012), Phil Burgess (Rugby Sevens – Silver 2016), Matt Brittain (South Africa Rowing – Gold 2012) and Kate Haywood (Swimming 2008 and 2012). They all spoke with passion and honesty to an audience of 60 senior business executives for over an hour and kept the audience fully engaged.

EP has recently hosted regular events with top sporting figures and the one thing that strikes you is that they really understand the importance of trust and respect for each other’s team members. They will talk in almost old fashioned terms – about honour, friendship, care for your fellow, belief in a common vision, and trust in your leadership and in each other and commitment to the cause.

These are the same traits that many will argue have been eroded – often unintentionally – in the workplace and at board level. However they are the traits that most employees aspire their businesses to possess and to stand for.

The event was partnered by IndiCater and The Sporting Wine Club who both believe in this activity.

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