Old Solutions For Modern Problems

Old Solutions For Modern Problems

Firstly, the bad news…

Most of us are becoming increasingly aware that the working environment is not in a healthy place. This week a report was published that noted there should be an extra one million people prescribed anti-depressants. Add in all the facts such as the lack of trust in leadership, the rise in mental health, the increasing gap between leadership teams and junior employees and even the rise of the Gig economy – we have some serious issues to face.

The old pillars of society have broken down. Dealing with banks, insurance companies and many professionals has become increasingly less relationship focused and far more transactional and cold. It is not hard to understand why there is less trust but the desire to for community pillars and a return to trust and integrity.prob

Now for the good news…

It is all relatively easily sortable if we return to some old fashioned basics. It is one of the strange contradictions that the more connected the world is becoming, the more PC and more aware, the more is also becoming increasingly lonely, siloed and aggressive.  From the statistics being stated, it is also less productive and less fun.

There is a genuine need for greater compassion, care, kindness, civility. There is also a need for the nurturing of younger talent against the above backdrop and the development of strong cultures that do encourage friendships, fun, bravery and failure. Failure is not a bad thing. One can only often succeed once they have failed as one learns more from failing.

So how is it so easily solved?

By returning to basics. Hospitality has a great opportunity to showcase it skills and gifts. Hospitality is all about this care, compassion, service, and friendship. Hopefully fun too. Hospitality can genuinely take a lead where others have fallen.

This is a time with serious issues and does need serious solutions but life is also about creativity, fun, laughter and friendship built around trust and integrity.

Solutions to be considered:

For those that have been following our discussions we are working and constantly debating:

  • Creating a campaign whereby hospitality does lead on the above matter and really showcases its talent for caring for its guests and its communities. We are already beginning to work with organisations to develop an enhanced service experience that can make a difference.
  • We are launching another campaign that stresses the importance of food today in society. It is a self-reward during the day. It does bring a smile, relaxation and fun and food has a genuinely important role to play in mental health, welfare and in bringing people together.
  • We are working to bring sport and business together and we believe that many young leaders and cultures can learn from the great and proven sporting figures that are themselves seeking new challenges.
  • Finally we have launched a series of walks this year to help talent have fun, face a challenge and embrace cultures. We are delighted that our first walk in Italy is being sponsored by Castello Del Nero, the fabulous hotel outside Florence that is sponsoring two students to come on the walk will host a lunch at the great hotel. Vallebona are also involved and are working hard with their Italian partners to create a great experience.

Together we can all create change through friendship, civility and care.

Watch one of our new videos which puts food at the heart of hospitality businesses.

For more information on any of this please contact Ben.Butler@epmagazine.co.uk

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