October 2019 – The Ripple Effect Conference.

The Ripple Effect Conference. Every company today faces threats and is vulnerable. There is a desire for change

To attract leading investors and the best talent, companies face a new battleground. Are we ready?

 The business world is changing. Investors, business partners as well as the brightest & best of talent today are seeking something deeper and more than words and good business returns. There is a desire to see leaders and companies really work to make a difference, to lead in society and communities, to possess strong sustainability, eco-friendly strategies and to build trust back with employees.

There have been warning lights flashing over the last couple of years with the rise of the gig economy, the increase in mental health issue, the lack of new leaders breaking through at senior level, the difficulty in retaining talent let alone the lack of trust in business and leadership and the constant economic & political concerns that have served to create a volatile environment.

Many of the current approaches are not fit for the 21st century and there is a desire for real change.

The Ripple Effect is a conference that brings together experts from a number of worlds – business, hospitality, sport, environment and sustainability, social enterprise, technology – to talk and give examples of how we can combat the threats and create new solutions for the modern era.

Even the most established company is vulnerable from change. Every company needs to be open to learning, all levels of leader need to be ready to listen and learn.

We need to build trust back into leadership and to find new ways forward that inspire and attract the best talent and best investors to work together to help develop a new landscape.

The Ripple Effect will mark out a day that will pose new questions, new ideas, new solutions and leave all those that attend with much to consider.