Now is the time to break down traditional boundaries and create new structures where professionals from all backgrounds can learn together

Professionalism is about the person. This can be developed best through learnings from all markets.

In 2021, our aim is to launch a new leadership hub which aims to bring together leading professionals from all walks of life to share ideas, learnings and thoughts. This includes leaders and talent from the worlds of hospitality, the military, law, finance, business and sport; all talking together.

During this pandemic period, companies have worked hard to change their plans, thinking and offers. Much has progressed and companies will re-emerge from this time with stronger vision, understanding and purpose for what they are striving to achieve. It will all need great people who feel they can access support and advice on a continuous basis. Modern leadership is no longer about one person’s vision but about bringing people together and continuous learning. Many traditional structures have understandably struggled and now exists an opportunity to build fresh concepts that really do bring experts together to support one another.

Leadership has been called into question and yet is so important to the culture and psychology of companies and communities. Leadership is a privilege and honour and t needs to become aspirational once again.

EP is fortunate to work with a number of great talents who share this vision and our aim, in 2021, is to:

  • Create a hub for continuous learning
  • To support those who need support and reinvention
  • To engage schools and the young to support the development of young leaders and life skills

We look forward to this challenge and hope you can support it in this development. This is about supporting communities and talent during a period of change and evolution.

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