No one is alone. Problems are there to be solved. New solutions to be discovered.

There will be many who are feeling the strain and need The Confidante.

In such difficult times, it is natural that many will feel vulnerable, pressurised, anxious and challenged. These are difficult times and even six months on, the situation seems as unclear as ever. Many will be wondering about their careers, their futures and what lies next in life? Many will be wondering how to find new solutions, reinvent themselves, and handle hard discussions.

There are many people, of all age groups, feeling vulnerable. As an industry, we need to be there for all. The Industry is founded on care and empathy; on service to others. That is the ethos of The Confidante. Working within The Confidante are industry experts, seasoned professionals as well as mental health experts. All are there to be their time to those who need support.

The core message is that no one is alone. Our objective is to provide support to all talent and that fees should not be an issue or barrier. It is the user who decides the fee level. Charging high fees to those already under pressure is not going to help anyone. We want to make sure that those who feel vulnerable and isolated are able to access help and support.

No one is alone. Problems can be solved. New career paths can be discovered. We work together to find solutions.