No Hungry Staff – An interview with Neely Mozawala

Neely Mozawala, founded the No Hungry NHS Staff campaign in Autumn 2021. It is a grassroots movement that aims to make the 24/7 provision of hot, affordable and nutritious food a reality for all NHS staff.

She noted in an article: “In the last decade, I have worked countless shifts as a junior doctor in NHS hospitals. But I cannot remember a single night shift where I have had access to hot, nutritious food.

That’s right, zero, zilch, nada.

That’s why I’m part of a national campaign aiming to change this – and we need your support.

On many night shifts, the previous evening’s leftover dinner, detritus from a fridge forage or the last minute pre-shift purchase of a meal deal must suffice. But there are times where no amount of willpower or strength can allow me to muster the obligatory amount of self-care needed to pack a meal. “

It does pose an interesting question. After all the great and inspirational work which was undertaken during Covid, what can be done now? It is not an easy question but one which needs resolution as clearly it does not help for doctors and nurses to be exhausted and hungry.

It is a question which goes far and wide but one which we need to consider. What more can be done to support the NHS? Of course, it needs the NHS too to help solve this issue. All the trusts need to look at how they support their own people, most especially those who do work in care for others. However, how can hospitality help too?