New Year, New Opportunities

New opportunities in 2015

With a new year comes new opportunities and we are excited to say that EP is broadening its reach in hospitality. To further explain our focus in the New Year, we have outlined our focus below.

  • EP Events: One of our largest growth areas in 2014, EP’s events will continue being a central point of engagement with the industry. Continuing with conferences, industry briefings and our monthly networking, next year we are expanding to include the organization of events for other companies.
  • EP Consulting: Using sector specialists EP has increased its involvement on industry-specific projects including redefining restaurant offers, hotel consulting and brand management.
  • EP Personal Development: This growing area includes:
    • “How to Network”,
    • How to Present Yourself
    • Developing food tours around London
    • International wine and gastronomic tours

 New Opportunities

  • EP Communications: For businesses looking for representation within the hospitality industry and business growth, our communications arm has grown to include some of the most exciting companies in the sector. We manage communication strategy including online, print and social
  • EP Concierge: As an industry that provides a host of great experiences on a regular basis, EP is exploring ways of providing specialized packages from events companies, sports and leisure, hotels and restaurants to corporates and high networth individuals
  • New Opportunities2Fundraising for entrepreneurs: Coming out of the recession, the industry is flooding with ideas and there are some great stories to be found within the up and coming entrepreneurs. EP is looking to build their profile and present fundraising opportunities to experienced backers.
  • EP Leaders Circle: One of the initiatives that we will focus on building in 2015 are peer advisory groups that are a structured and proactive way to help leaders and business grow. We have created the first same sector (hospitality) peer advisory group initiative in the UK/Europe that allows members to provide support to one another as well as foster development and growth. Created in partnership with The Leaders Circle Ltd., we will be setting up various peer advisory groups within the industry.
  • EP Publishing: The move towards storytelling is undeniable as consumers want relationships based on substance and companies that differentiate themselves from the rest. There is a return towards valuing books as they provide touch and feel and can relate the quality of the company.

 New opportunities3

It is exciting to see the industry surging ahead after a long recession. Our community is growing as are the opportunities to get involved.

For more information on any of the services above, please contact Chris Sheppardson

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