New Progressive Narratives Emerging All Across the Industry

Given all the heartache and challenges faced over the last four years, it may be no surprise that there are new narratives emerging all across the industry, it illustrates how the industry is evolving and changing since the pandemic. EP is proud to be involved in a number of key debates which we hope you will be able to join?

Food Service – the rise of collaborative partnerships. The industry has enjoyed many decades of development and growth. However, it has not always been progressive. Many talk of past failings. Some have even argued that outsourcing will decline fueled by structural risks, questionable cost savings, and multiple complexities. However, such predictions seem to fly in the face of an industry that has performed well in the most pressurized of times and is growing. What is needed is a new narrative which does highlight the lessons learnt and just how stronger collaboration and openness can benefit all. Our aim is to highlight and promote the positive changes which are taking place and debate how the many good areas of progress can be further built upon.

The sector has a group of some exceptional leaders who do have a clear vision for the way forward.

Combating poverty – in November, EP is delighted to be hosting an event with the London Tea Exchange to promote a scheme to double the wages of all those who live and work on the great tea estates across the world. The new Fair Pay Scheme is supported by the United Nations and by a number of key political figures; some of whom hope to join us at the event in November. Tea is the most popular and consumed drink after water. Tea can now make a genuine difference to many people living in poverty. Can the industry play its role simply by promoting tea?

The development of new partnerships. It is well known that the consumer is seeking new experiences and new service innovation. This is bringing together operators and suppliers to work more closely together and EP is delighted to be working with a full range of new service offers, new experiences and premium operators who are all working to raise the bar.

Flip the Script – in 2023, EP has built a young team of talents who have been tasked to provide and support a voice for emerging leaders. There is some exceptional young talent starting out of their careers. There have been too many reports on how such talent has been lost and have become disengaged as they have not felt empowered.

There is a new progressive era emerging and it is a potentially exciting new era.

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Written by Chris Sheppardson, Founder of EP Business in Hospitality