New Leaders, Traditional Values

The Leadership Conference, 1st October

The last six years has seen much change in terms of modern communications, access to information and business processes and yet at the same time, there is much that does not change. Excellent new leaders are emerging but there is also a return to the values of old, where people want to see companies possess strong values and who really do “walk the talk”. Previously EP have referred to this as the “Age of Trust” in a number of recent eshots and campaigns, and the response that we have had has been overwhelming. There does appear to be a return to traditional value sets where people – customers, clients and employees – are to be valued and where relationships once again are important.

The conference will focus on:

  • Looking at the new leaders who are emerging, along with the value sets that are important to success. We ask some of them to talk openly about their views of the market and the changes that are taking place.
  • What are the barriers to the development of leaders within organizations?
  • Has Asset management hindered the development of many General Managers?
  • What are the key challenges that face the new leaders?
  • The importance of leadership development and the need to invest in talent so that the next generation is nurtured effectively to support those that are leading the way out of recession.
  • The alliance between the new and the established.
  • The Age of Trust and values

Leadership conference

EP in alliance with HIT Scotland and ehotelier are delighted to host this conference that focuses on one of the most important features of the industry.

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For more information on this conference, along with any other EP events and initiatives, please contact Arlene McCaffrey

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