New faces for EP as the future evolves

Bringing people together. Great events. Consultancy. Brainstorming. Innovation.

Every business will have changed over the past 16 months. Every business will be looking to rebuild their structures and “house” and for EP, we are delighted to see new talent become part of its broader picture

Hattie Mauleverer, former owner of Top Hat Events, is working with EP to both host EP events as well as work with clients to organise their events and help support venues and event companies. During the early stages of Covid, Hattie led an industry campaign to champion greater support for the sector.

Hattie is a naturally warm, socially able lady who will become a great ambassador for both the events sector as a whole and for EP.

James Greetham and Sprung Collective. EP is partnering with James as he founds his own business which is targeted at helping companies find new business models, solutions and innovation that helps them move forward in the post pandemic world. As James notes: “At Sprung Collective, our role is to support and advise its clients in discovering the true potential that food and drink has in reimagining spaces to not only deliver an amazing working environment but one that initiates productivity, fosters trust, amplifies the importance of culture, and creates the opportunity for all to be creative.”

James is bringing a new thinking and approach to food service consultancy and already, within a month of launching, has a number of exciting projects in progress, helping companies find better solutions for themselves.

James Greetham